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30 Day I CHOOSE ME No Sugar No Flour Challenge


The 30 DAY "I CHOOSE ME" NO SUGAR NO FLOUR CHALLENGE is a great place to start!

The next Challenge round officially starts Friday, June 2nd, 2023. It will be our fourteenth NO SUGAR NO FLOUR CHALLENGE.

Previous rounds have gotten amazing feedback, and we are super excited that so many people are seeing such great results - both physically and mentally.


This 30 DAY "I CHOOSE ME" NO SUGAR NO FLOUR CHALLENGE is super interactive and provides awesome accountability and growth opportunities in a no guilt, no shame, no regret, no remorse, and no drama environment.

Challengers connect through Marco Polo (a free video messaging chat app), a Facebook Messenger Chat, and a private Facebook group specifically for Challengers. 

We share tips and tools, as well as amazing recipes. We support, uplift, and encourage each other. We have daily accountability check ins where we celebrate our WINs and WOWs.

If you decide to join, you will be emailed daily Activities that will help you dig deep in order to shake free of the bonds that hold us back when it comes to food and food choices. Each Activity is geared to amp up your confidence, self-care and self-awareness, habit stacking, and the creation of new habit patterns, and so much more with the goal of being able to set ourselves up for success when living a NSNF life.

The cost to join the Challenge? $1/day - $30 total.

If you have been looking for more support, encouragement, and positivity, this is a great way to get it. Whether you've been living a sugar and flour free life for years or you haven't started yet, I promise you will get a lot out of this Challenge.

Sign-ups will be open through Thursday, June 1st, 2023. After June 1st, anyone interested will be put on the list for the next one.

Aren't sure or have questions? Reach out to me!